Thursday, October 30, 2014

People Folk Around Here

Abraham practicing some moves.

Mike back from harvesting more birch for our business.

Isaac just waking.

Emmy asked for the tea basket and unfortunately found this hidden lollipop.

Abraham and Sarah playing Monopoly.  They will sit and play for an hour at at a time which seems pretty long for Abraham just being 6 years old.  Our set has the paper money and it is great to hear them using math and talking through giving change and how much it would cost to buy two houses, etc...  I have been told that some of the new Monopoly sets come with an electronic device where everyone has debit cards that you swipe - I am thinking there probably isn't nearly as much mental math with that version.

Emmy and I doing dishes.

Emmy putting jam on her bagel.


  1. I think it's so beautiful to capture photos of loved ones in this way, in ordinary moments of the day. You have a beautiful family! I love your Shalom!

  2. What wonderful life! :) Your Shalom looks fabulous!

  3. Gorgeous photos and a beautiful family. I was going to ask the name of the knitting pattern you are wearing, as I have seen it around and had planned on knitting it at some stage but forgot the name! Other comments have answered that question for me.

  4. a debit card for monopoly just doesn't sound right, good, or fun! Mental math is a skill that is always needed in life :) Loved seeing your family, especially the just waking up!! Sweet :)

  5. I cannot imagine playing Monopoly without the paper money! We had better guard our old set!