Thursday, October 30, 2014

Making Yesterday


It was nice to have our own home grown pumpkins to carve this year.  
This is Abby's cat

This is Abraham's.  His first year doing it all by himself without any frustration and enjoying the process.

and finally we made bagels - something we hadn't done for years.  


  1. Great pumpkins and those bagels look delicious!

  2. Oh Tonya...yum :0) homemade bagels are just delicious.

  3. We have gotten so spoiled with homemade bagels that we cannot go back! I do the dough the cheater way in my bread machine and then 20 minutes later they are in the oven. We had gotten in a bad habit of buying good ones at the bagel shop. Now I make a dozen for about 90 cents!

  4. What recipe do you use for bagels? I need to add that to our scratch made list.

    1. HI,
      I just used my regular bread recipe. Boiled the bagels (in dough form) for 2 minutes and then baked for about 30.