Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Knitting and Reading

I am knitting another little top down sweater with a pattern from Elizabeth Zimmermann's book, Knitter's Almanac.

This one I am making more of the yoke in garter stitch and then am going to switch to a shade of purple for the rest of the body and make long sleeves.

I am ready a really great book that I found at a library book sale,  As soon as I read the recommendation on the back by Barbara Kingsolver, I was hooked.  It is a memoir in which the author at age 50, questions many widely held assumptions of our culture.  While I certainly don't agree with all of her views, I appreciate her rawness, her honesty, and her beautiful writing.  Has anyone read this?  I would love to hear what you thought.

Here is a quote:
"Sometimes speedy life whizzes you along so fast that nothing registers, like landscape from a speeding car or meaning in a speed-read text, so that every saving in time is paid for in lost experience."

Joining Ginny today.


  1. lovely little cardi...the new one you're working on sounds equally lovely! The book sounds intriguing; please share more when you're finished. :) Enjoying these last weeks of summer and hope you are, too.
    xo Lisa :)

  2. I love your little sweater! Kind of makes me want to make one. :)

  3. How long have you been knitting? I bought a teach myself to knit book. I use to knit with my grandmother when I was little. Your work is beautiful!