Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Creative with Cattails

This activity has been keeping Sarah and Abraham busy the last two days.  They have now collected enough cattail fluff for Sarah to stuff in a pillow she hand sewed today.

I love watching and observing them as they go about their days and am grateful for the time, space and freedom they have to explore and discover.

I am not always sure how all of this will carry over in their adult lives, but my heart tells me it is all good.

Here is an interesting article about how Steve Jobs limited his children's screen time.


  1. Looks like fun! I love to see how the kids are so creative here at home too. : ) I don't see the link for the article but would like to read it. Thank you! Marie

  2. This is funny, Tonya! My kids play with cattail swords every year, filling up the yard with fluff and fun for several hours! Mmmmm, nice natural pillow, too!
    xo Jules

  3. There is something very satisfying about pulling apart a cat tail! What a great idea to use it to stuff a pillow!