Monday, September 8, 2014

Just Grateful

(Our first pumpkin pie - recipe for filling and crust from Nourishing Traditions)

This September weather has been so amazingly beautiful.  The skies have reached their peak of blue.  The sun's warmth is still felt but the air has a crisp fresh feel.   The nights are cool enough for wool sweaters and snuggling.

This past week I was reminded to be grateful for health - health of body.  I did something ridiculously foolish last Tuesday.  A woman stopped by the library to donate books and she had them in a large tote in the back of her car and said she needed help bringing them in.  I, of course, being the strong, capable woman I am - offered to do it myself.  My lower back felt the errors of my ways almost immediately and for the rest of the week I suffered in pain.  I was reminded to be grateful of how seldom I am in pain and cannot imagine how others deal with chronic pain.   I was reminded of how caring and helpful my husband and children are when push comes to shove.

Then Saturday night Emmy woke at 3:00 am complaining that her stomach hurt.   I lay with her in our bed comforting her, rubbing her belly, praying that God would give me wisdom to discern if it was something serious or just a temporary bug.  About an hour later I had my answer when she sat up to vomit.  Although we had to change our sheets and bedding, I felt so grateful to know that it was most likely a passing stomach bug of some sort and although it meant that I needed to be vigilant for the next hour or so (because as most parents know, generally another episode of vomiting is imminent), I was comforted and felt at peace.  

Today Emmy has the sparkle back in her eyes and color in her cheeks and the energy of an almost three year old.  And I just might carry my first bucket of water to the animals after nearly a week off.  All is good.

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