Saturday, February 1, 2014

Making Lately

wood burning lots of tea light candle holders to fill orders

wrapping them with a birch bark heart tag

stamping and finishing ash coasters for the History Museum of Western Virginia

Abby made fingerless gloves with her rainbow loom

that bunny is made of 3D origami and stands about 4 1/2" tall and is made of hundreds of little folded triangles - another of Abby's creations

sweet knit baby hat 

What are you making?


  1. Very neat! Love those custom coasters you are make for the museum! :)

  2. The stamped coasters for the history museum look very nice. Baking - banana streusel bread in the oven, Making - knitted bunting for my little babe's room.

  3. I'm baking and making lotions. I really like your candle holders. I'm glad your kids are learning to knit at an early age. It is good to learn. I wish I could remember how to crochet.

  4. that bunny is quite impressive. I imagine it takes a lot of patience to make one! Love all your busyness...;j

  5. Everything looks so nice! I am trying to work on a crocheted football afghan but after a long day on the farm my eyes are heavy at night when I think about crocheting.

  6. The coasters are amazing! Great job on those. Making: pottery of course, and washcloths this month.