Monday, July 1, 2013

We are Rich

We watched the documentary, "A Place at the Table" last night.   It left Mike and I both feeling a bit angry and frustrated - angry at the government for spending 146 billion in subsidies to support the wealthy agribusinesses and yet allocates less than $1.00 per lunch for children's school lunches.  The program that supports the federal lunch program gets renewed every 5 years - and last year it was increased a whole 6 cents over the next 10 years!  And you know where they took the money from to pay for this increase? - the food assistance program!  

While our children learn at home and don't take part in the school lunch programs, I still feel strongly that the school lunch programs should be healthy.

Please take the time to watch this movie.  It can be so easy to get caught up in the attitude that people should be able to figure out a way to support themselves - but aren't we supposed to care for the poor, those in poverty, and even more so children?   (Ideally, we need to figure out a way to end the rampant poverty in our country and probably the best way would be to create a living wage, in my opinion.)

As we enjoy our salad for dinner with shredded carrots, sunflower seeds, feta, and baby turnips with an egg salad wrap, I am reminded at how amazingly rich our family is - we have never gone hungry.

How can we share our riches?  Maybe by helping others start their own gardens, maybe by teaching others how to eat healthy on a lower budget, or maybe sharing the bounty from our own gardens.


  1. I agree. As a society, we need to follow the teachings of Jesus and help those in need - not just with a hand-out, but with a leg-up. I will look for that movie. You should watch Michael Moore's Capitalism A Love Story. Thanks for your always thoughtful and inspiring posts.

  2. it's astounding how wealthy nations can ignore their own poor, but it's true, they do. We do it here as well. I am so grateful that though in theory we are poor, in all the ways that matter, we are rich.

  3. In Norway we sending lunchbox with the kids, for school. They don't get food there. And guess what?! We are one of the worlds richest country (but have not money for food for the kids!)
    Shame on! The government dosen't care about thing like that! It make me angry.
    But, yes, we have a lot to be thankful for! Food on table everyday is easy to taking for granted.. shame on me!! Praise the lord, out loud!!

  4. a living wage would be a great start. I will look for this to watch knowing I will be biting my tongue the whole time.
    I think your blog goes a long way to making changes for others. They see that it really can be rewarding and healthy to nourish your family and spirit by doing/growing/schooling/crafting/cooking for your own family, then sharing the bounty with others.

  5. You bring up some bring issues here, Tonya! I haven't seen the movie you mentioned but these issues go back and forth in my mind like a pendulum. Yes, we are to care for the poor and orphans and elderly, and then I look to the Proverbs and all the verses about working for oneself and one's family and not being idle. Don't those commands apply to the poor, too? Also, many of the poor in the Scripture were physically unable to work - blindness, leprosy, etc. Today, we have many able-bodied who are unwilling to do certain jobs, etc. I agree that the poverty in our country is a real problem. So much to think about - thanks for sharing your thoughts!