Thursday, July 11, 2013


It is so nice to have my cousin, Hilary, and her partner, Sun-Kyu, visiting for a couple of days.  
So neat to get to know the young woman she has become from the 16 year old I remember.

Both she and her partner are interested in local eating, farming, and also foraging when they can.
After visiting the swimming hole near us yesterday they noticed some mushrooms under a grove of evergreens and we walked down later to gather.  These are golden chanterelles.

Emily brought along a basket and filled it will treasures she found along the way.

Their visit reminds Mike and I of how blessed we are, as we see things through their eyes - the beauty of the area, the animals and gardens we are able to care for, and for our business which gives us the flexibility to visit with them.


  1. Its good you are able to visit with them-they make a nice couple-sounds like their values and interests are similar to yourself and family

  2. How nice! What did you cook with the Chantrelles??

  3. and they will be blessed as well to see your life through their eyes....

  4. How lucky to have Chanterelles grow on your land! If you pick them carefully, they will always grow back in the same spot. Pure gold!

  5. What beautiful mushrooms! Its always nice having family to visit...I am sure they will learn much from their stay with your family, that will be a great benefit to them in their future plans of gardening,etc. You certainly have many skills,and talents to offer.
    Blessings friend