Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We have a new addition to our ever growing homestead - Polly, a chick that is usually raised for meat.

But not Polly.

After returning home from my peaceful parenting group last Friday with Sarah, I noticed her getting out of the car with a basket in her hand and inquired what she had.

Well, of course, there was Polly.  I asked her if she had asked Christine if she could have her and Sarah informed me that she had and that Christine said it was fine as long as it was ok with me.  (Sarah just forgot that part.)

She wanted to save her.

So now we have a use for the top part of the duck house and just put chicken wire across when we open the door in the morning.

(She gets lots of attention.  The other morning when I went to let the ducks, I found an empty top floor, only to find Polly on a box next to the sleeping Sarah in her bed.)

On a side note - check out this link
If this is for real - oh my goodness - we are in trouble.

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  1. Your daughter is so sweet! However, if this is a modern meat bird such as a Cornish Cross, as opposed to a dual-purpose breed, you may run into trouble as it gets bigger. They can suffer from broken legs and other problems as they gain weight because they are bred to be slaughtered at a certain weight and not above it. Perhaps consult with your friend about feed and care if this is the type of bird you have so that your loving daughter won't have to face an ugly situation in a few weeks.