Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Our $5.00 thrift store find came with a plastic liner with holes.
I took a felted wool sweater and made a new cover.

Mike took some old broken room dividers and made a fence around our wood stove.

Do you have any re-purposing projects in the works?


  1. I think the sweater cover is cuter anyway. :) Great work on the repurposing!

  2. Agree, the sweater is way cuter!
    I love re-purposing things, it gets my creative juices flowing.
    My current project is turning a big old handmade wooden crate into a barn, that will become a Christmas present for my youngest child. I'm going to make some animals for it too(haven't decided on stuffed felt ones or wooden yet).

    BTW, the alphabet blocks(guess they aren't really blocks are they) came and I absolutely love them!! The feel of them is so nice and I know Mason is going to just adore them. Thank you so much! I was looking where to leave feedback on Etsy but I couldn't see where, is that because they were a reserve item?


  3. Tonya, it's wonderful- isn't reusing wool sweaters the best? Hope your week is going well!

  4. The sweater cover is definitely an improvement over the plastic one. Looks great. We're definitely a make-do or do-without family, but that is a blessing, as we cultivate ingenuity while repurposing, repairing, improving all sorts of things.