Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We are ....

Warming by the woodstove

Caring for a chicken

Reading and snuggling

Creating books (more about this soon)

Playing in the snow

What are your days like right now?


  1. Much the same....we've finally been blessed with a snowy storm. Loving it! :)

  2. We just finished oatmeal, starting school,and learning a new knit stitch.

    Did you make your red and white blanket looks so nice and warm.

    Our snow has melted so I love looking at all your snow...


  3. Blessed and filled with all the little nuances that makes me a mom and keeper of this little cottage.

    Thank you for sharing yourself so honestly Tonya!

    Be blessed (which is what you are!)


  4. I had trouble falling asleep last night, so Hubby instructed Miss M not to wake me up this morning. Little Guy and I slept in till about 10, then the two of them had a breakfast tea party. My long-awaited pattern magazine arrived and the kids are now lunching in a tent-movie-theater (watching Tangled) with popcorn, juice, and slices of cheese. We haven't had any snow, but it's a cold, windy day, so we're having our fun indoors!

  5. Just like you, we are warming by the wood stove and read some books altogether... And I can't wait to learn how you "creating book" :o)

  6. Funny us mama's all tend to do the same things...warming by the fire, reading books, and enjoying each others company...this is what winter is all about!!

  7. My days are full of
    - enjoying that it's not too cold!
    - mass in the morning
    - yoga at night
    - laundry on the weekends
    - enjoying a "relationship" growing

    Someday I'll be able to snuggle with my children and hubby, but for now I'll just be a career girl enjoying these single days.

  8. Our days are very similar, though I am very curious about this book project.

  9. Just look at all of that snow. I think that is my dream... to actually have enough snow to dig a snow fort! Never happens around our place. We must be content with enough for a snowman and a good snowball fight.

    I look forward to a bookmaking tutorial?

    Blessings, Debbie