Friday, January 20, 2012

One of Many

(A photo Isaac took of himself - found on my camera.)

"It's not like in the Berenstain Bears book, Mom, how Sister felt neglected, when you have a new baby Mom.  It's not like you give the new baby all your attention.  Of course the new baby gets lots of your time but you still do things with everyone, like how you run around and do Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with Abe in the morning."

As a mom of seven, sometimes I do worry that maybe each of our children deserve more of me.  And then, as a gift from God, out of a child's voice comes reassurance and grace.


  1. what a sweet blessing to you from your child....i find a bunch of pics like that on my camera all the funny!

  2. Absolutely. Sometimes when you're feeling down and realize that you cannot 'do it all' and feel guilty, you do find solace in words that one of your children says. It is a true blessing from the Lord, indeed. He gives us grace with our children for sure! And in fact teaches us through our children. (Like when my youngest reminded me for the upmteenth time one evening and my family was waiting...Mom, we're waiting to read and pray (family devotions)...don't you think praying is better than the computer? (gulp)

  3. That statement is an absolute treasure. Congratulations on raising a sensitive young man who recognizes your effort, and then tells you!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. What a beautiful thing to hear from one of your precious children! What a tribute to your mothering skills!

  5. is their affirmation that we value the most!

    I am a mother of only three, and one of them is special needs. I always felt as if all my attention went to her...until my oldest expressed - it is through the love you give to her, that we see how much you care for all of us. I am still getting affected by his statement.

    Blessings to you today,


    1. Maria,
      That is just beautiful - what a special gift from your oldest.
      - Tonya

  6. Funny pic :) and what a beautiful thing for your child to have said. I always think praise from a child is especially precious because they are often quite honest and matter-of-fact in their observations about people, so there's a real sincerity in this kind of remark.

  7. Oh Tonya, thank you for this. It is on my mind almost constantly, am I giving each of my children enough of me? What beautiful words- children are such a gift.
    Love, Mel

  8. I am the mother of four mostly grown daughters, and what YOU cannot see quite yet (but what you intuitively know) is that you have given your children the priceless gift of siblings with whom they will grow old in loving friendship.
    Take heart! What you give is enough..and PLENTY!!

  9. oh how wonderful. THANK YOu for sharing that!!

  10. Maria, that is so sweet and special!

    Tonya, this is my number one stressor when I think of having more children. I'm fearful that there already isn't enough of me to go around and my quieter children don't get as much attention from me as I think/worry they need. These are the thoughts I battle with most regarding more pregnancies. (on a very personal note- my fertility has already returned!)

  11. What a treasure to have captured his words too, to come back to when you need that little lift. Good job, Mama!