Thursday, August 20, 2015

God is Awesome

You know how really cool this is - that so many of you that read this little blog are such wonderful, kind people.

Nolan called us this morning, feeling very discouraged.  

Shortly after, I followed up on the two comments from the previous post about offers to help Nolan and Rachel in anyway on their new journey and God is just working through all of this to bless them.

Brenda, thank you so much!  You didn't probably know that Nolan had started his own etsy shop making items out of wood.  He loves working with wood and tools to create.  So, the owner of the cabinet making shop - well, he and his wife graduated from the same college - and he called Nolan and is going to see if Nolan might be able to get some hours in at the shop, working around his class schedule.  And Nolan and Rachel are going to attend his church on Sunday to meet each other... and well... who knows.  (of course God does!)
Thank you Janet!  For the tips about apartment hunting and for offering your husband's assistance with auto repairs.

Warm wishes,


  1. I have found my blog friends are the best. I'm so happy that God has put these people in your life to help your son.

  2. I love hearing these kind of stories! We have had something similar happen to us when we thought we were at our lowest. God is good!

  3. How wonderful! So happy for them.