Thursday, August 13, 2015

Enjoying the Summer

Each day I wake up and thank God for breath, for the sun coming up, for our home and for our family.

This summer has gone by especially fast as we have been in the process of selling our little homestead and figuring out where to go from here.  We experienced some hard times this past spring when our business slowed way down and we felt quite isolated with very few options.  While not really knowing exactly what we would do if our house did sell, we felt that at least a property with a bit more land, woods, and outbuildings could serve our needs better and give us more income possibilities including a bit more farming.

As we have not found "our " place yet, we are going to be staying here through the winter as the new-to-be owners are not planning to move here from Wisconsin until April 1st.  This will give us time to perhaps find a property that includes our wish list:
- an old farmhouse
- 4 plus acres, mostly wooded
- a barn
- a workshop

Not sure if there is such a thing in our price range, but we are praying that we will find it.

Our business is super busy - we are so thankful.  We have come to appreciate that while the work itself may not be our passion - the flexibility allows Mike and I to live out our life with passion - serving our family, our church, and our community.  We also have time to continue with the simple pleasures of cutting, splitting and stacking firewood, gardening, and keeping animals.  I also have maybe just a wee bit of time - or do my best to make some time, for my own personal creative pursuits.

I am planning our homeschool year - getting back to some basics and a plan for  some-what structured mornings.  I have come to accept that I am not an unschooling mom.  Maybe because we have a large family and I need to attend to the needs of many  - Many because I simple haven't been able to completely trust.  Whatever the reason, I finally conclude after 12 plus years of homeschooling, that some structured learning time is what works best for us.  The children's afternoons will still be their own - to follow their passions.

Just wanted to catch up a bit.
Warm wishes,


  1. I know that God has wonderful things in store for your family and I pray you find you land soon. Sometimes this gig of being self employed is hard isn't it? I do understand oh so well.
    I am not much of an unschooler either and have spent the morning mapping my last homeschool year out, it was a little bittersweet.

  2. Such exciting things going on! I know you will find the perfect place for your family! I am working on homeschool planning too!

  3. Nice to catch up! I hope you do find the new home that you are looking for...

  4. Praying you will find the perfect place that will suit your beautiful family. I know there will be something wonderful around the corner for you all :)

  5. Did my comment go through? Maybe not! I suggested checking out the Vermont landlink program. We happened to find our place through that...not the traditional route--we had applied looking for a farm and the owners of our place had contacted them looking for caretakers (but not formally applied). They got us in touch and we caretook this place for 5 years until buying it.

    It is so nice to rely on several income sources--that is certainly how we do it. Not much $$ from any specific thing ( a little from sugaring, a llttle from veggies, a little from pork, a little from some lawn accounts, etc).

    I hope you can find a place that suits you well--I'm glad you have until spring!

    Thinking of you.

    ...Oh, and I'm the same way about schooling--not particularly good at unschooling. ;) We include some CLE language arts and math in our daily routine.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced difficulties. The 'right' place will be there - I've always found that in hindsight hard times have been stepping stones to better :)

    I've also home educated for over 12 years. I find a mix of some structure and freedom a good mix, but it ebbs and flows. I think it's mostly because I like to see some some regular maths practice, though ;)