Monday, September 15, 2014


Friday I felt it - I felt it more than I ever have - connected - connected to family, homestead, and Creation.   

Today wasn't all that different than most.  But the air was very cool, crisp and energizing.  
I felt quiet, at peace, knowing that what I am doing to care for our family and homestead is full of meaning - not in terms of money - but in terms of the interconnectedness and results.   

Between shoveling the compost we get from the goats to put on the garden bed I am preparing for the garlic planting next month, to pulling and peeling the outer leaves off the leeks and feeding them to the goats.  The leeks will be used with our cabbage to try out the Cracked Pepper Leek Kraut recipe from the most recent issue of Taproot.

By having our son, Nolan, and his wife Rachel come by while their car is being repaired.  Nolan goes down to the workshop to work for our business for a couple of hours and Rachel picks apples from our trees and makes apple crisp with Sarah and Emmy.

By eating our first butternut squash for dinner and giving the guts to the chickens for a treat.
Jars of dried calendula and lemon balm ready to be used for the winter's tea.

Simple but not easy.  Hard work but rewarding - both for the soul and body.


  1. Sometimes all we need is a quiet, peaceful day to reflect and "feel".

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for all you share.

  3. Beautiful post Tonya! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. love this post so much!!! so close to my heart :)

  5. I love this post... you so often put into words the feelings and thoughts that I also feeling living a simple life in Vermont. Thank you! <3