Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Tree Down in Exchange for Branch Coasters and Eggs

Mike asked a neighbor who is a logger by profession if he wouldn't mind stopping by and lending his expertise to help fall a dead tree that was leaning in the direction of the barn.

Of course, as is the usual circumstance around here, you never know when he might actually be by.

Yesterday, he came by unannounced, ready to tackle the tree (having a home business is great for flexibility!) and he and Mike, with their matching orange hard hats, safely accomplished the task.

When asked what we could offer him for payment his response was - absolutely nothing.  But not feeling quite right about that, we offered him our handmade coasters and eggs.


  1. Tonya...This sounds like our neck of the woods, too. Perhaps it is happening more and more all over? I sure hope so. My husband is able to offer lots of various skills (including cow wrangling, fencepost digging, chainsaw milling, and boulder moving, to name a few) and I often offer garden produce and canning. The whole neighbourly connection is so much more real when a simple old fashioned hand is lent. And you'll remember his generosity for a long while, I bet. We always try to pay it forward, too, and the circle goes unbroken.
    xo Jules

  2. Tonya,
    It's so great bartering with neighbors. :)


  3. That is a great thank you gift. Living in the country is wonderful. Neighbors have a way of actually being neighborly for the most part. Not like in the city where you barely know your closest neighbors.
    Glad you had the help.

  4. I love the barter system. We often trade with our friends and neighbors here too! Your coasters are lovely.

  5. As a logger, I am sure he was very happy to get your wonderful coasters. Free eggs, always good.

    blessings, jill

  6. A wonderful barter! We often barter with our neighbours and others and there is something so very satisfying about it.

    And now you have a new wood supply for your wonderful creations!

  7. How wonderful for everyone. I love serendipitous moments.

  8. Yep, I was thinking how apt those coasters were! Talking point for sure. Barter is the way forward I think, it builds community and lessens the grip of bureaucrats on the little guys like ourselves!