Thursday, June 20, 2013

You Tube Video Links - Alternative and Tiny House Living

Abraham's - age 5 - model of his house he hopes to build - two stories!

Abby and Sarah getting to work gathering "found" wood from around the homestead.

As requested, I am sharing the recent Youtube video links our family has been enjoying.  The theme being small house living and alternative building ideas.  It is so exciting watching our children going through their own individual process to each build something for themselves.

Tiny House for Family of Four

Family Lives in 168 Sq. Ft. House to Save Money

Micro Tiny Homes

School Bus Becomes Tiny Home



  1. We enjoyed this documentary recently:

    Long live the tiny house!!

  2. I loved the video of the family with the 168 house. So perfect. I just hope they live in an area where they can go outside all times during the year. I know that I need my own space sometimes. Have you ever heard of the ticknor tribe? Their blog is, they are a family of 14 that live in a 5th wheel. Click the House tab and explore their house! I love how they have used every inch of their space. They spend half of the year traveling and the other half in Montana. You should check them out.

  3. Y'know, the trouble I have with tiny houses is the inability to store things needed in an emergency. I mean, I love minimalism and simple living, I really do, but at the same time it is important to me that I can take care of my family in unexpected emergencies. I have lots of first aid supplies and books, clothes and bedding for all weather, and a huge storage of food and livestock feed. If some bizarre thing happened- like a freak blizzard in June that froze all our pipes and blocked the roads and my husband cut his hand open, I'd have my 55 gallon water barrels (in our house so they don't freeze), plenty of very warm clothes and bedding for everybody, candles and batteries, food and matches, and first aid supplies for my husband. Ya know what I mean? I would fill one of those tiny houses with just my preparedness stuff alone!! LOL

  4. I love the links you left for us! Thank you! :)