Saturday, June 22, 2013

Duck House

The ducks' house is finished.  Some projects take awhile around here - a little bit one day and a little maybe a week later.  

Mike used the slide base (the slide is now in the side of hill) and rough cut pine seconds from a man down the road that we bought for, I think about $40.00 for a really big pile.

The hinges we had in our "maybe we will be able to use these for something someday" drawer.

There is space up above to store some things - maybe their food that we will need to buy in the winter.  
The house is right near the pond so we just open the door each morning and close them up at night.

These four are bantams and are supposed to be just ok egg layers -  duck eggs will be nice to use in baking recipes and  we are thinking it might be fun to raise and sell ducklings as well.  The woman we bought them from made sure we had two males and two females so they would pair off.

1 comment:

  1. Great job! Beautiful ducks too--something we've always wanted.

    I love your new 'working on not being too plain' slogan too! Not being overly rigid in areas of my life is something I've recently come to as well. Creativity, art and beauty come in as many variations as there are people in the world I appreciate them all.