Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finger Knitting

 Abby and Sarah have been knitting up a storm this past week.  
(yes, the weather has still been very wintry here)

Abraham asked me to teach him this morning.

I suggested that he start with finger knitting and took out a ball of hand dyed wool in rainbow colors.

He caught on right away and was happy with himself when he handed me a finger knitted rainbow necklace 
to wear today!


  1. Such contentment! I love reading about the contentment and love that is so apparent in your pictures and blog. The latest doo-dads and "stuff" isn't nearly as important as what you are providing to your children. It's too bad the rest of the world doesn't seem see that. And you can sense the discontentment in society at large.

  2. My little man loves finger knitting too. Such a calming activity for him on a busy day.

  3. I taught my grandson to finger knit... he loves it and has made many a necklace and scarf!

  4. I remember finger knitting when I was a kid!