Friday, April 5, 2013

Emmy at 18 Months

trying on her big brother's  shoes

waiting her turn to use the toilet (she is not trained yet but loves to sit and try)

rolling out some play dough

It is just amazing how at 18 months she is such a little person. 

We are enjoying every moment.


  1. That is so funny about the toilet! I am loving this age, too (our littlest is 18mos, as you probably know). She is just so silly and cute! She loves trying to copy her big brother & do big kid things. Sooo cute and sweet.

  2. So precious. I don't have to tell you to enjoy her as they grow up way to fast. I know you're appreciating each and every moment.

  3. So, so sweet! Thank you for sharing the everyday miracles. It is such a powerful reminder of what is important.

    In my opinion, little girls with BIG brothers are some of the 'luckiest' in terms of birth order! Thank you for the reminder to hug my big, almost 17 year old son for ALL he brings to our family!!!

  4. She's so sweet! Love those little toddler curls. :)

  5. Such sweet children, yes they grow into little people so fast don't they :-). My youngest is going on five and it all went so fast l feel l can hardly remember he was a baby :-). Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Pam xx

  6. growing so fast these little ones are :) how delightful to see her change and to see her personality start to shine.

  7. Your children are so cute. And your little treasure is growing so quickly. I love the way her brother has put a cushion in the truck to support her back.
    Blessings Gail