Saturday, January 28, 2012


someone with a good sense of humor

Abby using some of our hand dyed yarn

sweet morning girls and how big the littlest is getting

the old with the new

What are you noticing today?

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  1. loving that tea pot! i love finding silly little things my children have done and then tracking down the one with the humor... just so i can hug them and say thanks.

  2. I am noticing how beautiful the weather is today.
    Have a blessed week end Tonya.

  3. The God's Eye is really pretty! I am noticing the wonderful sunshine coming in through and making warm spots on my floors. So are the dogs. :)


  4. Hahahaha...hmmm... I have to say the weather is what's on my mind too! Blessed with a lovely day.

  5. The old with the new tend to coexist pretty well here in the cottage - and I am glad for this. In a way, it is knowing that life is a balance. And it is within this balance that we find contentment with everything around us.

  6. i love that old and new photo--we see a lot of that here on our farm...i like to think of it as new ways of homesteading. we're able to make our living from home with help from things like computers and internet! :)

    And very sweet photo of the girls!

  7. Oh that last photo is great Tonya! I just showed my hubby that one (He works w/ computers). Then I said, "just think honey this could be our neighbors in Vermont". Yes I've been obsessing about that house near you since you posted about it...

  8. Oh my, both your little ladies are looking so grown!

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  10. I'm noticing:
    Moss and fungi
    you have to look down to the bottom pictures of the post

  11. I am noticing: That the footstool that the boys used to need to reach EVERYTHING hardly ever comes out anymore. Hmmm, they must be growing.

  12. such a lovely post!!

    we are in Paris!! a surprise, 2 week trip with the baby and little one, staying in an apartment, cooking up our meals with delicious ingredients, noticing the green grass the Medieval buildlings and what an amazing change and break this is... and the wonder in her eyes as all of the history we have studied comes to life!!