Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bed and Play Area for the Goats

Today, the young ones and I brought some birthday cheer to our homesteading friend and neighbor, Pati.  I was so grateful that she asked if we had a little sleeping shelter for the goats in their barn area.  We had not made one and we followed her suggestion of using two hay bales with a board over the top.  This keeps any drafts off them at night and gives them a cozy area to snuggle in.

The goat kids and human kids enjoy jumping on and off.

As I walked out to the barn this morning in my flannel nightgown, barn coat, and rubber boots with Abraham beside me, each of us holding a bottle to give the goats their 7:00 am feeding, a wonderful peaceful feeling came over me.

Warm wishes,


  1. Hi Tonya, what a good idea for the kids! We've just had four lambs born with more arriving soon and have been using straw bales in a similar way. I will have to the board on top though. We're having trouble with one mama bunting away one of her twins so may have to bottle feed him depending on how things go. Are you feeding in the night at all? Our guys are just over 48 hours old now and we are keeping the twins together in a small crate beside their mama so that she doesn't bunt the one and that perhaps their scent will mingle.

  2. Dear Tonya,
    How wonderful to be nurturing these beautiful creatures...

  3. So glad you are enjoying your little goat kids :o) They certainly are entertaining and I've found a great stress reliever. Tow of our three kids go to their permanant home, soon and the other will be here a few more weeks for us to enjoy, before he also goes to his new home.

    Your pictures are precious and very heart warming.
    Blessing to you and yours,

  4. Oh how cute! We were hoping to have our goat bred in the winter and kidding about now but alas it did not work out.

  5. Tonya, I love the vision of you walking out to feed the goats in your nightgown and rubber boots. . . ;)

  6. Dear Tonya,

    What little sweeties (both kinds of kids)! Hay bales are so handy, aren't they?

    Good luck with the feedings.



  7. my kids (human that is) are loving seeing all these pictures of your new little loves.