Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Are Picking Them Up Tomorrow Morning...

 two doe kids.

After thinking and reading, and thinking and reading, I  made up my mind to go with alpine goats from an organic cheese maker that lives right in our community.  My back and forth thinking was between this much more expensive option (which actually turned out not to be) which I had heard from others was  up to $400.00 each from what I had been told
versus -  buying the somewhat expensive nigerian dwarf breed that would be smaller, easier to get used to, give rich butterfat milk, but we would not have enough for our family with just two. 

The Alpines come from a closed herd that is so well cared for and knowing that just two would even give our growing family a surplus of milk, and finally, I knew that if I had questions, she would be close by to help.

We went to visit on Monday morning and I just felt so good about our decision.  Her goats were obviously so loved and cared for and they were really friendly.  The owner let me know which kids were available and told us that we could practically "have" one that was born tiny and is slow to growing, but otherwise very healthy.  After I asked questions and then finally I asked how  much they would be, she offered me an amazing price for both and I felt so blessed. 

Today we gathered more of the supplies we will need ~
2 heavy rubber buckets for water
2 collars as we still have to finish the fenced in area so we will be leading them around for a few days
2 nipples to fit on 20 oz coke bottles
Starter Milk - we will be using this just a bit as we were advised that raw milk is best and we have a farm right down the road where we can buy that from - the kids each receive 20 oz, 3 times per day at present.
8 bales of organic hay
Grain I will be buying tomorrow from the goat farm

I am pretty nervous about this as I feel as though I know so little, but I am also excited (as are the children).  It will be wonderful to care for them and get to know them as well as enjoy our own milk next spring.

Looking forward to sharing more tomororw.
Warm wishes,

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  1. goats! how exciting. I hope to one day have goats. I'm enjoying reading about your goat journey. : )