Friday, May 28, 2010


I have for some time kept an inspiration journal. It is a simple, black, hard covered sketch book. Inside I put pictures, quotes, and more. It is a pleasure to look through it when I need an idea or encouragement.

Recently I have started a wildflower journal. When the children bring me a new wildflower picked from our property, we identity it together with our wildflower book and then I sit and and sketch it and make a note about where it was found, by whom and the date.

This has given me a reason to sketch when in the past it was so easy to make excuses why I had too many other things to do.

It has also encouraged some of the children to sit and draw with me.

Do you keep journal?

Warm wishes,


  1. That's a great idea - I have so many scraps and magazine clippings laying around of things I want to make or do. And I used to sketch a bit too, but not for a looong time now. So no journal yet, but maybe soon? :)

  2. Lovely wildflower sketches! I keep prayer / gratitude journals. It's amazing to go back and see how the Lord has worked!

  3. What a beautiful idea. No, don't keep a journal. I guess I consider my blog my journal.

  4. Thank you Donna Rae for the gratitude and prayer journal idea - I have another blank one and this is so important to do.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. Hi Tonya~your journal is lovely. We do have a nature journal that we use for botany. I grew up in the city so it took me a very long time to be able to identify the simplest of flowers, herbs etc. The thing is I can not draw! I usually ending up tracing a flower from a book. My children are better at the sketching part~they love taking along a backpack with all sorts of magnifying glasses, camera's etc. for our nature walks. We live in town so we don't have the wildflowers that you have. We need to go on a field trip to the nearest Audubon Society for that. We really look forward to those trips. I usually sprinkle some Eucalyptus oil on us if we are in the woods. Do you use any natural herbs to repel the ticks? So many of my friends have Lyme disease~it is pretty common where I am. God bless, Rose

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I very much enjoy journaling, I like to get up early beofre the kiddies and journal, meditate, do simple yoga and enjoy the stillness before the boys wake from their slumber and I hear no silance until bed! Write more journaling blog posts!


  7. Dear Tonya,

    Your journals are beautiful! We have various journals that we keep; gratitude, scripture (that I've been illustrating with local flora and fauna), an inspiration journal like yours, and the regular, day to day journal.

    I've been sketching the new growth and flowers this spring, too~ it makes it so much more meaningful, doesn't it? And you sketch wonderfully well!



  8. I have a journal for farm ideas; one for gardening (when, what, where, how); one for the milking parlor (where I note farm events - births, deaths, changes, shots, worming); and one that is in process, meaning in my head, of gratitude and inspiration.

    I love that you are doing it with your children. That is a great lesson for them, too!

  9. I wish I was better about journaling-
    My little ones have enjoyed making journals of their own- bird ones, and wild flower ones- I should follow their examples!

  10. Love your journal. That's such a great idea.

  11. I used to love journaling so much--- these days my journals are all on my computer! The beauty of handwriting and paper are something you really can't replace with the internet though! I should give at creating a paper journal again. thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I have a journal of pressed wildflowers, a notebook of quick notes, thoughts and inspiration from my children, garden and life, my blog and also a notebook I scratch around in when I need to physically put pen to paper rather than mess around with a keyboard.
    I love your wildflower journal - what a great way to learn and remember the plants.

  13. It is lovely to have these handwritten books for your own inspiration and for your children to look back to. A dear friend made a journal for me when we moved, I think I will take it out this week!

  14. I love seeing these journals. Beautiful idea to have one for wildflowers.

  15. I love to journal and I've kept just about every kinds there is....drawing and journaling is a wonderful way to record your nature finds.

  16. I love to create inspirational boards - so all can see (my husband and kids that is).

    Thanks for sharing - I loved it.