Saturday, March 6, 2010

This Day - Sunshine, Chickens and Syrup

The morning sun shines in through our large windows and I snapped this picture of the mid-morning yogurt snack.

As the day called us outside, it was so nice to see the chickens venturing more and more beyond the confines of the barn as the snow begins to clear in the walkways.

We went for a walk to check in wtih a neighbor to see if he might be burning sap.

Guess what? He was and we came home with a courtesy pint. Pancakes for Sunday breakfast!
May your weekend be filled with beautiful moments.
Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. The top photo is so lovely. And aren't you lucky to have that maple syrup. I'm hoping we get some new syrup this week. We are just finishing up last season's.

  2. Yea for maple syrup! We went out to a local farms maple festival today for great fun. It is a living history farm and they taught us all how to identify sweet maples, tap them, and boil the sap over a wood fire at the right temp and filter it with a wool filter!

    PS I love the idea of a consistent mid morning yogurt snack. I think thats about to be inserted into our daily food rhythms. Thanks again for giving us a window into your families beautiful life.

  3. Wow freshly made syrup - so generous!

  4. Still looking very cold there. Pardon my ignorance, but I had no idea maple syrup had to be boiled and filtered etc. Will have to google and look at this process. Not that we will be doing any maple tapping in Tasmania.

  5. Fresh Maple Syrup yum...:)

    I like the picture of the chooks.

  6. I've been enjoying the sun this weekend as well. It was missed.

  7. hi tonya!

    enjoy the lovely syrup! i lost your blog but
    just found it and am so happy.

    my husband attended dartmouth, and since
    we married after our junior year, i got to live
    in your neck of the woods. i cried and cried
    when we had to move back to our hometown.

    i will always cherish the precious new england
    folks, even though they made fun of my
    accent. :)

    blessings on your sweet, simple life,

  8. such a sweet gift, maple syrup. i wish i had an unlimited supply to give as gifts all year long.

  9. Maple syrup looks nice but I have to say I have never tried it, it's not something we really have in the UK....although I expect the shops do sell it if I looked hard enough!
    Nice top picture, very atmospheric.

  10. How awesome to get maple syrup so fresh!!

  11. Oh, Yummy! Seeing that nice dark syrup makes me want to eat pancakes right now! love, Beth

  12. I love that photo of your little ones at the sunny table. Your days are so filled with goodness Tonya! I've never had fresh maple syrup....I bet it's incredible!
    I hope you're well and enjoying these last days of winter on your farm!
    sending love,