Monday, March 22, 2010

Crafting Over the Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend mostly at home, and mostly working with our hands.

In our small kitchen garden at home, I planted a bit of lettuce and some snap peas.

Saturday afternoon we tilled our large market garden, it is about 50' x 40'. This will be our fourth year of growing here and the soil is finally looking like it should over most of it. While Mike was tilling, I raked and pulled out large clumps of weeds, etc..

We did lots of creating as well.

I finally finished this special order for a customer. The wool yarn used was all hand dyed. She wanted a set of rainbow gnomes in subtle shades.

Gathered scraps of fabric, chose yellows and blues and made this scrap fabric wreath, inspired by GardenMama.

Our neighbor raises sheep organically for meat and we were given seven bags of wool! (Certified organic as well.)
So... I could use some help with the best/easiest/simplest ways to wash and pick this.
This is a picture of our first batch that I washed and it still has to be picked through.

Finally, the girls helped me set up our Easter shelf.

Happy Monday and Happy Spring.
Warm wishes and joy, Tonya


  1. I love the Easter Corner! Happy Spring to you!

  2. I love washing least the first two fleeces :)

  3. beautiful easter corner. love all of the crafts!

  4. Love your Easter Tree. It reminds me of the Thankful Tree we did during Thanksgiving. We'll have to do something like this for Easter, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I think I recognize some Easter decorations from our Tasha Tudor exchange one year:-) I love the colors of the gnomes, especially the ornage one-reminds me of sherbert.

  6. I love your gnomes..:)
    Lovely colours

  7. Your Easter corner is looking beautiful Tonya:) Your gnomes have turned out wonderfully and I love that they are naturally dyed:)Beautiful wreath:)

  8. knitting and gardening sound like very nice weekend activities. happy springtime!

  9. Love your Easter corner- and lucky you, all that wool!

  10. Wow, so much goodness and beauty you were able to create here. Love it Tonya

  11. What a great way to spend a weekend. I love your Easter table.

    Happy Spring!