Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Treats for the Day

Now that February is upon us, we all seem to have a bit more enthusiasm about the winter days knowing that spring is truly in our future.

February 1 marks the halfway point of winter. Up here in northern Vermont that means you should still half of your firewood left. Well, the first half of this winter has been colder than the usual cold and has left some folks a bit short I am afraid. We seem to be doing ok with our wood supply, but Michael is considering putting on a pair of snow shoes to dig out some logs from a tree he cut down last fall.

Spending time doing handwork and baking are two of our favorite ways to spend winter days. One of my treats today was to see Abby's (age 8) quilt work that she designed on her own.

Our other treat was this homemade chocolate cake for dessert.

Oh, the simple pleasures....

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