Friday, February 20, 2009


A large part of our philosophy of living involves supporting local businesses. Building a local sustainable community is so important to the health of the individuals in that community physically, emotionally and financially.

Today we went to Butterworks Farm to pick up freshly ground whole wheat bread flour, whole wheat pastry flour and cornmeal.

With a family of eight we will go through these 70 pounds of grains fairly quickly. I home bake all of our breads, muffins, and sweets.

Butterworks Farm is a family run farm that specializes in organic Jersey yogurt (we picked up a quart of maple and a quart of vanilla as well as some raw milk while picking up our grains). They seem to keep things pretty simple and efficient yet produce quite a bit. We are lucky to have them just several miles away.



(P.S. Renee, in response to your comment about having more children later in life - I certainly don't think 39 years old is too old, especially if God blesses you with another child.)

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