Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Has Arrived!

 Giving the facade of our barn a face lift.

 Cleaning one of the goat barn stalls.

 Splitting and stacking more wood for THIS season after going through our wood with all the cold this winter.

 Hanging out the clothes again!  Dumping compost into an out of control pile from the winter.


  1. Just look at that snow...and clothes on the line. :) Snow fell in the foothills that surround us, but not down to our 900 ft. elevation earlier this week. Jack Frost visited last night, but it's supposed to reach the low 70s this afternoon. Spring is here! :)

  2. Oh so lovely to see Spring again! enjoy these very warm weather....the smile on your little girl says it all ;0) mari

  3. These look like they could have been taken at our place! Always so much work to do in the spring, but so much joy in the doing when we can finally be out in the sunshine!!

  4. Beautiful light in these photos. Glad you are feeling Spring!