Saturday, April 11, 2015


We had been wondering off and on for awhile now if Madeline was pregnant.  Last week I was so sure she was but then the past few days I just let myself believe that it simply wasn't possible.

Mike went down to the barn this afternoon to give the goats some branches and he was so surprised to find these two - freshly birthed.

A boy and a girl. 

We are learning as we are going along.   Wondering how much to leave up to nature and how much to help.  I will write more soon.


  1. Goodness what a lovely surprise! I’m excited just to find fresh eggs everyday! Have you named the new kids yet?

  2. Baby goats are so sweet. Are they French Alpines?

  3. They are darling! It is such a challenge to tell whether a goat is pregnant or not, especially when new to it all. I say this from experience. We had hoped to have some new kids around about now, but it looks like our buck has not been doing his job. :-/

  4. So exciting and completely adorable!

  5. These times are quite exciting. I have many friends that raise goats and this is their most exciting time at their homesteads.

  6. Yay! We've found that our sheep carry their pregnancies so differently- one will not look pregnant at all but suddenly give birth a week before the one who looked as wide as a house with obvious pregnancy.

    At our house, we lean to the "let nature take its course" side of things. I interfere if a mama isn't properly feeding her baby, and if anyone has an obvious injury. Generally though I let our herd grow strong and healthy naturally without my interfering. :)

    Are you milking now??