Thursday, April 2, 2015

Beautiful Yarn

With the beautiful Gotland wool yarn, I finished the baby bonnet from the book, Vintage Knits for Modern Babies and a little bunny from my own pattern.  
I used up just about all of the 120 yard skein.  Again, beautiful yarn to work with.

Each Tuesday, Woolful not only announces their new podcast, but they also offer a giveaway from one of their guests.  A couple of weeks ago, I won the giveway from O-Wool!  I have these three beautiful skeins of their Local wool which is 50% certified organic merino and 50% alpaca from New Jersey - now what to knit with them? 

Our family has been watching Larkrise to Candleford, a BBC series that aired several years ago.  Our daughter, Abby, was able to download them at the library for us. 
The series is wonderful - thank you for those that recommended it when I blogged about Mike's hernia surgery.

I am admiring many of the hand knit and crocheted wraps and shawls the characters wear and am looking for some similar patterns.

We have time for watching in the evening and knitting because even though the calender says April, we are still deep in snow and cold.
 Emmy asked me the other day, "Mom, remember when we saw the grass?"
And we reminisced yesterday about the April 1st when Abby and Isaac went for a quick swim in our pond and this year we could probably still be skating if we kept up with the clearing.


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying LarkRise. My youngest daughter (8 y.o.) and I watch it periodically. We really like it. Have you seen this shawl on ravelry:

    I'm glad your family is healing well. Here, in western Mass., we are seeing ground! It's very exciting for all of us, even the chickens.

    Gorgeous yarn, by the way. My goal this year is to just use my stash and knit those projects that I've already bought yarn for. Nothing new. So far, so good!

  2. I'd really enjoy watching Lark Rise. Your prize yarn is really beautiful. I'm new to your blog and really enjoying it. I like your peaceful way of sharing and writing.

  3. I'm also enjoying Lark Rise right now and loving the shawls. Emma was wearing a stunning striped one just last night. And if I'm honest...I also love Dorcas's dresses and sometimes wonder if there is any possible situation today that would call for such dresses.

  4. I really enjoyed Lark Rise...great show. Beautiful Gotland wool....the bunny is adorable! Congrats on the skeins of the colors.

  5. Such beautiful O-Wool yarn. I just said the same thing to my husband today - that I wished we could keep March's calendar page up since the hats and mittens and ice and snow underfoot are not even close to matching that beautiful green... but soon! I've kept our maple syrup-inspired nature table up with a page with the Maple Moon from our favorite Mary Azarian-illustrated book "When the Moon is Full". I'm really eager to switch it up though :)