Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

This stomach bug has continued to work its way through many of us with Nolan in bed today.

A couple of days ago Sarah and Abe needle felted some butterflies.  
Abe told me the lighter colored one is a swallowtail and the darker orange one a monarch.

I crocheted Emmy a little fox basket for her Easter morning treats.

The morning egg hunt is now over.  Mike hides about four eggs per child.  They each have their own color and they are each filled with coins.  He works very hard to find hiding spots to match each child's seeking abilities and often hides them in spots that might relate to that specific child, such as one of Abby's eggs in the flour.

With most of us in various stages of recovery we are home today and I am making spinach bacon quiche for our main meal.  It is actually relaxing and peaceful here.  I am looking forward to getting out a little bit and seeing if I can get my muscles going again by cleaning out the chicken coop.

There is talk of going fishing.  Worms were collected last night.  Surely the water is still cold and running too fast, but that won't stop them from trying.

Wishing you a happy Easter and a beautiful spring day.


  1. Tonya,So sorry everyone is sick,your easter sounds peaceful though!!!!!Happy Easter!!!Enjoy your beautiful family!!!

  2. Happy Easter Tonya! I hope you are all feeling better soon...

  3. Sorry to hear the bug is still making it's way around! I'm glad, though, about the peaceful, restfulness - being forced to take it more slowly and put more focus on caring/taking care. Enjoy, if you make it out to move your muscles... Here, our thermometer was reading 80 earlier!! I hope it's warm and Spring-like by you, too. Take care ~ Annie