Monday, May 20, 2013

Work and Play

We let everyone know on Friday that Saturday morning from 9:00 - noon would be a work morning.
Before everyone was out of bed I the morning baking done - 2 loaves of bread and some cookies.

Firewood was gathered, cut, split and stacked.
The driveway was leveled with a pick ax and iron rake.

The laundry was hung.

The amplifier was brought out to listen to some music while working and then Car Talk at 10:00 am.

For lunch - bulger, bean, corn, and tomato salad, and broccoli, carrot and feta salad. 
For the fussy ones - grilled cheese.

After lunch Mike and I organized the porch and then all nine of us headed into "town" to have an ice cream sandwich or ice cream bar, play some tennis and play at the playground.

After dinner, we watched the season finale of Season 3 of Downton Abbey.

 I love the feeling of finally sitting  down at the end of a full day - feeling tired, content and happy.


  1. A very productive day! :) m.

  2. what an exhaustive day!! I love getting baking done first thing in the morning as well. Makes me feel like I'm accomplishing so much. Our Saturday was a work party as well since our Sunday was a rain day which was a great way to slow the pace down.

  3. I envy you guys the life you lead. We once lived more simply and loved it. But now we live more of the 'city life' not quite, but very close to it. We much prefer life with farm animals, plants, and simplicity.
    But neither of us can do the work we used to be able to do, and can not keep up with the land, much less animals and all of the hard work such as y'all do.
    Enjoy it every day, and make memory books for your own older years.

  4. I lovely full weekend. Have been reading your last two posts and just want you to know that I salute you and your way of life. You have been an example to me. We are also trying to simplify, spend less, stay out of debt. My husband made a career change for the 60+ work week of the business world to teaching. He did a few years back so he could have more family time. It has not been easy, but the extra time together is so worth it. You are a great example of deliberate conscientious living!

  5. I love your blog! So beautiful! :)

  6. Car Talk is a weekly for us, too! My kids love listening with their papa. :)

  7. I love it too Tonya. I especially love super productive kitchen mornings. Tomorrow mine will include baking bread, crackers, and granola. Your lunch sounds yummy, fancier than ours!
    Oh Tonya, I have started so many letters in my head, and intent to set paper and pen at a table ready for when I have some moments... Now we have a birthday this week, lots of happy preparing...
    You are in my thoughts, I hope feeling well and enjoying good spring days.
    Love to you, Renee <3