Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moments from the Week

I got to see Thomas perform his tap class final.

On Mother's Day Sarah told me to sit down - that she was making dinner, and she did.

Hazel (our cat) has been joining the goats for their afternoon snooze.

Thomas is home for the summer and it is wonderful.  He is the activity director here and had everyone out playing hit the wiffle balls over the house to the others on the other side within an hour of being home.


  1. What wonderful moments! Love the tap dancing one, the dinner one and the wiffle ball game in particular! :)

  2. Now those pictures look like you are beginning summer vacation! So nice to have your son home...I bet his siblings are excited to have him.

    And your other have freedom and joy! People who are rich in material possessions, most of the time, are just in plain old debt and enslaved by what they own.

    True freedom comes from seeking truth, and living to love God.

  3. These moments are a treasure! Your son looks like he is truly enjoying each moment :) Thank you for sharing it with me today ... m.

  4. I just love the activity director title. It reminds me of being the oldest child at home. Looks like a positive week.

  5. I love the cat with the goats! :)

  6. What a fun game!

    Must find some wiffle balls.....