Thursday, April 25, 2013

These Days

Hoping the days of hats and boots are just about over.

I brought these five to Johnson State yesterday to see their oldest brother play Jack in the musical, 
Into the Woods. (of course I thought he was terrific)

The view from the campus of Johnson State...

This large plastic tube has seen so many uses.  The newest has been rolling golf balls around the interior - physics right?

Another season passes...
 maybe this is morbid but I sometimes get sad when a seasonal ritual is over - wondering how many more I will be blessed to witness and share in.

How are things these day with you?
Warm wishes,


  1. I am with you- I am over the hat and boots- think we are almost there whew! Lovely children you have and fun to hear that your oldest is in play:)

  2. I understand the overwhelming feeling of the seasons...I love each of them..especially spending time with my is such a blessing...I don't want to take one day for granted. Your son's campus is beautiful...I wish we had mountains near us..just rolling hills:)

    Praying that you have a very blessed day!!!


  3. Just love seeing the NorthEast kingdom, so vast and beautiful over there. We were up there a few weeks ago camping in East Charleston and visiting our boy. With us, we are loving the warm days and the sunshine this week and I am deep in the mud, scraping it off of boots and shoes and letting coats and snow pants dry and do the brush off so everything has a little mud dust shadow to it these days, otherwise pretty happy to be digging in the soft moist earth this week.

  4. Oh we are so over the hats, boots, mitts, and coats too...please let the warm weather come and stay.

  5. Never thought of it that way, very true though. Living each day as though it were the last. Every season. Pam

  6. We are finally over the hats and boots too! So happy to see the beautiful sunshine and the tips of asparagus poking through the ground, looking at the sky. :)

  7. I think about the changing of the season too and as I age I am left in awe EVERY. SINGLE. SEASON. CHANGE. of how fast it all goes. And how every plant and animal knows just what to do when.

  8. We are absolutely loving the Spring sunshine...the tulips are nearly done blooming already.