Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lots of Fluff

no not of the little chick kind
but of the reading and knitting of late
 a simple Plain Vest for a new little baby girl born to some dear friends
a super easy reading, fluffy, before sleep that pulled me right in

Looking forward to all of the sharing today at Ginny's.


  1. Beautiful wee vest - I love the colours. I avoid easy reading before bed, as I am prone to sitting up until the book is finished! :)

  2. So very sweet and lovely colours, Pam x

  3. i always like his books. i think i will pick it up at the library--thanks for the suggestion. I need something simple to read!

  4. that baby sweater is so sweet. i love those colors, so springy. beautiful work. and sometimes you need a wee bit of fluff reading. enjoy!

  5. Cute sweater. A little light reading is nice sometimes, his stories are always entertaining.

  6. Fluffy reading is sometimes just what we need ~ especially before bed. :) What a cheerful vest, so pretty!