Monday, April 8, 2013


Browns are starting to overtake white here - yeah!

We had a nice weekend, alternating with doing homesteading chores (cleaning up the yard, the barn), handwork, baking and cooking, walks, and a trip to town for food shopping and a library visit (Downton Abbey Season 3, Disc 1 was in!), church,and a choral concert.

Enjoying having Thomas home for spring break.  There is nothing like having a full house.

This week we are concentrating on making our little homestead presentable as spring finally, ever so slowly, but steadily begins to make her appearance.


  1. Oh, I know that feeling!! Have you read the book And Then It's Spring? It tells the story of how everything is brown and then one day it is spring with everything green. I always get it out of the library this time of year.

  2. Spring starts out rather brown here too. Looking forward to some greenness coming soon! (But first I think we may have some snow on the way...)

    (And oh goodness, that little (big!) Emmy!)

    I have so much new to share with you Tonya but trying to find some time for letter writing. Thinking of you and hope all is well.
    Love, Renee

  3. Hi there,

    Have just gotten back to your blog after finding it a week or so ago. Love the little gnomes you knit. Just lovely. We are still very brown here too. Looking forward to reading here.

    Trish :)

  4. Yes, we are happy to have the browns (and some greens!) instead of the white. We're looking forward to many homestead tasks now that we're thawing out. Turkeys arrive this weekend! We also ordered more strawberry plants (50!) to put in their new bed. I'll be happy to get my hands in the dirt again. Happy spring to you all!

  5. although my rational mind knows we must first have brown to get to green, my emotional self is wanting to hit fast forward- Passed the mud straight to the green grass!

  6. I have never loved the browns more than I do this Spring :) Glad you are getting things done around your homestead. What a good feeling!