Thursday, March 21, 2013

Inside and Outside

Trying to go with the daily flow here, making the most of each minute and not wishing to hard for spring - real spring.

Inside Emmy is showing an interest in knitting needles and yarn :)

I cut a piece out of stained hand embroidered runner to make a decoration for the inside of our door.

With over 15" of freshly fallen snow, there was more outside snow play and also more wet coats, boots, hats and mittens.

Keep on keeping on - this is northern Vermont after all.


  1. Spring will come. Really. I am just trying to ignore the snow and think of blossoms and sunshine and chattering birds. Hoping it helps. A girl can dream :-)

  2. How sweet that there is interest in knitting and yarn and I really like the embroidery on your door. :-). Spring WILL come eventually.

  3. I hear you! Real Spring is what we need. I love Emmy's aqua cardi - what pattern is that??? Also, such a cute door decoration.

  4. I will sure been wishing for some of your snow come about June...we will be cooking here in East Texas. I'm not looking forward to our terribly hot summer,but Spring is nice for the most part....blessings friend