Monday, April 18, 2011

An Ordinary Morning

Our lives seem quite simple and perhaps even a bit boring as we go about our day to day activities.

Just this morning ~

Washing eggs - we have been collecting 12 - 14 each day now.

Sarah and Abraham watercolor painting wooden Easter eggs.

Bread rising (still on the mantle as the woodstove is still going.)  Also chocolate oat cookies and cinnamon muffins prepared to bake with the bread.

I cut pussy willows, gathered from our property,  to put in a crock on my secretary.

With robins, mallards and juncos visiting this morning, the children decided to consult a bird book.
Although ordinary, this morning I see it all as extra special and I am grateful.  Yesterday we delivered a basket of home baked food from our worship group,  to a family in our community that tragically lost their two year old.  I take time to see the beauty in our children's play, in a loaf of bread, in a single soft pussy willow.  I also take the time to thank God for these moments and work to be a little more patient and express my love a little more often. 
Love, Tonya

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