Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homestead Updates

Here are some pictures I snapped as I walked around our little homestead Sunday afternoon.

~small front garden, eating lettuce, scallions, parsley, and chives~

~ back garden, planted 6 pepper plants from our local organic farm and they have blossoms on them (can't wait!), lots of beans coming up, more lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, summer squash, onions ~

~ I dug up a small amount in a third garden area and planted potato starts that a friend dropped off. I also planted some in four more tire set-ups. So far the potatoes I planted several weeks ago in the tires, are growing really well. ~

~ Just on the outside of the new garden area is a walking stump row and a little sand box. ~

~ I spotted this little cutie just outside a garden area. He dressed himself after coming inside from running around in the buff just a short time before. We all know when it gets warmer out because Abraham takes all his clothes off. ~

~ Mike finished the log railing. ~

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. Your gardens look wonderful. I too can't wait to harvest some fresh goodness. The railing is wonderful. Great job!

  2. Your little homestead is so adorable and peaceful and wonderful, the railing esp. is so cute!!! And of course the backwards dressing boy too ;) What a wonderful life you all live!


  3. You are doing a wonderful job with your gardens! You will reap a good harvest! Your little one looks so cute in his overalls~what a cutie you have there. Blessings, Rose

  4. You really are all living such simple, peaceful beauty. what a breath of fresh air!

  5. Thank you for the little homestead tour! Our littlest one (though 6) has been doing the opposite of Abraham, it has finally warmed up and never have we seen her so covered in clothing.

    I have been thinking of you Tonya, your last comments on my homeschool post meant so much to me, to know I am not the only one feeling sadness over my inability to do all that I wish we could. (Of course I should know this anyway...) Thank you for sharing your thoughtful words!

    With love, Renee :)

  6. I love your beautiful garden. Walking stumps-what a wonderful idea. I forget that I played on such stumps as a child. Loving the backwards cherry red overalls! Did you all find the rock border for your garden on your homestead?

  7. That photo with him in the backwards overalls! I love it, just too cute for words.

  8. Your gardens are looking beautiful- I love to see garden pictures to get ideas!
    I love the backwards overalls! :)
    It would be fun to meet up some time. :)

  9. What a nice garden! I love the rail too!

  10. hi tonya, i sent you an email. please let me know if you got it. thanks!

  11. Hello there, I just found you. I love it here! So peaceful. :)