Monday, April 27, 2009

Sandals and Ice Cream

Wow we are blessed with some warmth. Yesterday, the six children and I went to town to go to the market to stock up on some basics and we simply couldn’t resist celebrating the opening of the local ice cream shop.

Today the temperature has reached into the 80s and Sarah, Abby and Isaac went outside in their bathing suits with spray bottles.

I loved something Isaac said today, “We are kind of like free range kids.” He hears us refer to our chickens as such. He explained further that it is neat that he and his brothers and sisters are able to just go outside and play in the meadow or go for hikes in the woods. I really liked his use of words.

Today I planted some pansies and hope to still get some more lettuce, radishes, and maybe the brussel sprouts seeds planted.

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  1. yay for sandal weather! send some of your sunshine our way!