Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doll and Bed

For Sarah's fifth birtday gift, I sewed her a doll with a hand knit sweater and hat and Mike built a little doll bed with scrap lumber. She loves her and we spent very little money just used our hands and poured love into them as they were created.


  1. Our daughter is almost 18 yrs old now, yet she held a homemade dolly so dear, that it's now in her cedar hopechest. Someday she'll pass it down to her children. She also has a teddy bear I made and in the garage loft she has a cradle Daddy made for her one Christmas.

    These gifts seem practical, but they are also treasures of LOVE and therefore a keepsake to be passed from generation to generation.

  2. Kelle,
    I hope to pass along hope chests to our two daughters and thank you for the reminder to save the handmade dolls.

    Thanks for the kind words.