Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Double Yolks

We have been getting these giant double yolk eggs lately. Oh, the poor girls.


  1. Good evening Tonya,
    If you can believe it, we've actually had 4 triple yolk eggs in the 8 yrs we've had chickens, now those girls, had something to cackle about!

    It's always fun to get those poult eggs as well. Many times they either have a white and no yolk or just the opposite.
    I'm putting a snail mail letter in the mail tomorrow. Thanks for your newsletters, we're enjoying them so much. I hope you can gleen some helpful hints from my letter and I included permission to print any and all info I mail you.

    Blessings from,
    The Never Done Farm

  2. Kelle,
    I can't wait. Getting "real" mail is just so very nice. Maybe I will arrange a craft exchange as well through the summer issue of Plain and Joyful Living.
    Wow, we have yet to get a triple yolk!
    Many blessings and thanks,

  3. forgive me for being a chicken novice, but what causes them to lay double yolks? i was under the impression that some breeds simply laid doubles, but i didn't know that some girls that lay singles most of the time will sometimes lay a double.

  4. Angela,
    The young chickens, in their first year of laying tend to lay the double yolks every so often. I think a double yolk is formed when the egg stays inside the chicken for two days, instead of the average 24 hours.

  5. The poor girls! We have had a few doubles too and I swear the loudest cackling must have come from those poor ladies--kind of like having twins:-)