Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Knitting, Making, Work and Play

I knit Emmy a hat using undyed wool I purchased from Quince and Co quite awhile ago that they were offering at a special price and dyed it using low impact acid dye.

The pattern is the Little Woolens Prairie Grass Hat in the toddler size.

Folding paper from this tutorial.

Abraham figured out that if he unscrewed the handle from the pot cover, it would make a great spinning toy.

Stitching little wool hearts.

Birch drying on our mantle.

Nolan coming in from the cold basement workshop.

Appreciating the beauty of this winter.


  1. Lovely images of a lovely life! Thank you. :)

  2. These look like some very fun days.

  3. What lovely pictures. I particularly like the wood drying on the mantle. Looks positively luxurious.

  4. Wonderful glimpses into your days! I love Emmy's hat!

  5. Sweet hat! The color matches her eyes.

  6. a lovely glimpse to your day.... mari

  7. Very nice! Looks like everyone is keeping busy.

  8. Wow...those icicles! Brrr...love the smiles on your children's faces though. Thanks enough to warm your heart, isn't it? xo