Monday, November 28, 2011

Handmade Holiday - 2011

Abby is helping me with this gift.  She is making the hot cocoa mix - for each quart jar, 1 1/2 cup organic milk powder, 1/2 c. sugar and 1/4 cup cocoa.  I added the burlap top with the white edging.  We are going to make homemade marshmallows as well.  I haven't googled a recipe yet, has anyone made some before?

I am knitting mittens for Sarah using the rest of the yarn from Emmy's hat.  I have the other one cast on and in progress.  She does keep asking me if I am knitting them for her, but I do my best to avoid answering...

Sharing from another reader ~
Natalie of Remembrances shared two different advent ideas last week.

Please share your handmade holiday ideas in a comment and be sure to leave a link if you have blogged about it.
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  1. How thrilling to see my picture in your post this morning. It is very exciting to see that people are actually coming to see my posts.

    For this week's handmade holidays I have a notebook idea at:

    Thanks again for hosting this Tonya.

  2. Beautiful! I have been busily working on handmade gifts over the last 2 weeks as well. I need to blog them. Soon! My daughter (almost 11) decided to make a bunch of handmade gifts this year too. She's been busy on her beading loom, potholder loom, knitting earmuffs (essentially hats without the decreases but just cast off). I love it! <3

  3. Love that hot cocoa idea!!

    We have been doing some Handmade Holiday decorating on our end:

    Loving this holiday season!

  4. I'm finishing a huge herd of reindeer, recycling wine corks as I go! Then my hope is to try to decorate a couple of wreaths with game board pieces. I don't know how to adhere the resin pieces so we'll see how that goes. I have quite a few games that are missing pieces and I'm not sure what else I could make...Happy Christmas! I enjoy your blog very much!

  5. Love the mittens. It is so hard to knit surprises; isn't it?

  6. Very pretty Tonya!

    I've been chatting about the beauty of handmade and sharing a lot of our handmade toys form the past, but I can't share anything current. :)

    Mary :)

  7. I love making homemade marshmellows! Not only are they softer and fluffer than store bought, they reall are easy!

  8. Love the cocoa mix idea! The mittens are very pretty as well! My handmade Holiday project this week:

  9. Dear Tonya, I've been doing mittens too- right in front of the children, and hoping they don't notice too much!
    The hot cocoa mix is a wonderful idea! Handmade gifts are simply the best.
    <3 Have a wonderful week!

  10. A few Christmas presents to share this week. Hope to have everything finished soon.

  11. I made homemade hot cocoa one year for my brother and sister-in-law, and was planning on making marshmallows, but was unable to find sheet leaf gelatine, and so didn't make the marshmallows. There is a recipe in A Greener Christmas, which looks relatively easy if I could find all the ingredients ;-) And I love that you do these handmade holiday posts. I have found a lot of great ideas on here for my family!

  12. what a great cocoa idea! I have made homemade marshmallows a couple times and end up with fluff...I have yet to find a recipe that doesn't include corn syrup that holds shape, so be sure and post if you find something. I'll look through my stuff and come back if I find the recipes I used.

  13. lovely! I was thinking about doing homemade cocoas in jars this year as well. Cute!

  14. So great Tonya, I have been working away on little handmades. I hope to link some up this next week and share! We did make salt dough ornaments last week, such a fun family time! :-)

  15. I love seeing what you are making- beautiful mitten! I have been avoiding questions about my knitting too!

  16. Thanks, everyone, for all the great ideas!

    I've never made marshmallows, I have a friend who has, said they are easy, but pretty messy. She doesn't like to do it with her littles in tow.

    I've made crocheted slippers, felt food, a tool pouch, and crocheted kitty toys. ;-) Plan to make some food gifts as well. Merry Christmas!!


  17. Your mitten is so pretty!
    Homemade hot chocolate mix is the best I think. My sister has made homemade marshmellows several times. I went and found her blog post where she has the recipe. It is here: I do know they are yummy as I have tried them before.