Saturday, March 21, 2009

More About Off Grid

We certainly do not need exercise equipment or do video workouts. I scrub the clothes clean on a washboard, haul water from one end of the house to the other, garden, knead dough, sweep, wash dishes by hand and much more. In the past, I would be anxious about staying in shape and would do an exercise video each day.

However, our present way living keeps our bodies strong and healthy. I wonder, then, if technological advances that were created to save time and labor have resulted in the need to spend some of that “saved time” in formal exercise programs such as gym memberships, traveling back and forth to the gym, doing videos, taking exercise classes, etc. All of these options cost money and many require time outside of the home.

Living without most modern conveniences is not a sacrifice for us. Nor do we think of ourselves as better than others who live with many modern conveniences. Living close to the earth helps us to respect the natural resources God provides. Each time we learn to live more simply we use less of the world’s resources for our own life.


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