Thursday, July 17, 2014

In the Gardens

We are eating the rest of the first lettuce, kale, cabbage, turnips, onions, peppers, peas, and carrots.

The cabbage is doing so well this year that we will have 12 very large heads and I will plan to make sauerkraut with about 6 of those but would love more recipes with the others.  Any cabbage ideas?

This year our gardens are on the small side as we were busy with the wedding during the planting season and I didn't want to feel too overwhelmed.

But over the last few weeks I have been adding composted manure (from our goats and chickens) to old and new garden beds to expand quite a bit next year. (At least that is the plan for right now.)


  1. Beautiful, Tonya! I love seeing your is like being invited into part of your home. And yours, my friend, is beautiful!
    xo Jules

  2. Everything looks so fresh
    Apart from coleslaw my favourite way to enjoy cabbage is steaming a pan of potatoes then add shredded cabbage about half way through the cooking time -once both are cooked add seasonings to taste and a little butter- I sometimes grate cheese on top -bacon could be added instead of cheese or both if you prefer


  3. My kids love Cabbage and Sausage. I just cook a pound of ground sausage and as soon as it's cooked through, I drain the fat if there is a lot, and add a chopped/shredded half of a very large head to a whole smallish head of Cabbage and a little water to the pot. Cover it and steam for a few minutes, stirring a time or two and adding salt and pepper to taste. As soon as your cabbage gets tender`crisp (I don't like it mushy) turn it off and serve. Super fast and yummy, perfect for summer evenings when you've been working outside all day. Oh, and we like it with chili pepper flakes.

  4. beautiful!! I love sauteed cabbage (yum!) and this recipe. (I use maple syrup, not splenda or whatever she says, no hot sauce and I add sesame seeds) :)

  5. The title of your blog caught my eye. And scrolling through, it looks like the title fits perfectly! I'm so jealous of all the fresh produce. My favorite pic is the one of the back your little girl at the outdoor sink.Makes me want to come for a visit. :)

  6. Here in SC Fried Cabbage is a popular dish. Fry 5-6 slices of bacon until crisp in a 12 inch skillet. Remove and crumble, Heap the skillet with chopped cabbage, about 1 inch pieces. Cook slowly,covered and stir every once in a while, It takes about 25 minutes for the cabbage to get soft. Top with the crumbled bacon and watch the family inhale it. My family never leaves even a scrap of this.

  7. Oh your garden look so lovely!
    I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in garden too, and brought so many herbs, fruits and veggetables. And I'm palnning to make some kraut tonight too :)

  8. My favorite cabbage recipe is a slaw with coconut chips (not shredded) and curry dressing. I found the recipe online here: