Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Knitting and Reading

The counter is covered with various works in progress.
I am crocheting a pair of chair cushions,
crocheting myself a new purse for an overnight trip with my Mom,
and knitting some gnomes in soft spring colors.

I was excited to find that our little library had not one, but two copies of another book by Elliott Merrick, Green Mountain Farm.  While I enjoyed, True North (also by Merrick), I am definitely not an adventurer to the extreme that the author and his wife were, so some of it was hard for me to relate to.  But, I am really loving Green Mountain Farm, about the authors experiences of buying an old farm in northern Vermont in the mid 1930s.
Here is an excerpt ~
"... there are a lot of angles to a family farm that have little connection with economics, unless you want to make your definition of economics so broad as to include snow in moonlight, blisters on palm, and laughter and icicles.  You can't really do your accounting in dollars and cents on a farm."

Joining in with Ginny.


  1. Oh, that is a beautiful quote! Think I'll check the book out.

  2. Love your crocheting and knitting!!!!

  3. Love you gnomes and crochet and especially the quote -- poetic. :)

  4. That book sounds lovely. I'll have to add it to my reading list.

  5. You always find the best books Tonya.
    Have a wonderful time with your mom.

  6. The book sounds really interesting. I love seeing all of your w.i.p. It's very inspiring!

  7. Everything looks just beautiful Tonya. Enjoy all that gorgeous handwork.

  8. We're onto GMF, too. It's real good, though for us, it's just the opposite: So far, anyway, we actually liked True North a bit more. But in both, his descriptions of place and people are just fantastic.

  9. Oh my goodness so many projects at one time. I am still trying to get a crocheted duck pillow done for my granddaughter, but it is for Easter so I have some time ( even though it should have been done by now).