Monday, October 28, 2013

The Weekend

The cold, drizzle and occasional snows kept us inside most of the weekend.
We are slowing down.  Enjoying cups of tea again.

Lots of knitting.
Thomas and his girlfriend, Sam, are able to drive up to church most Sundays from college.  This past Sunday they both joined in with the youth music worship team.
Sam is a fantastic knitter.  The girls were inspired to join her after lunch.

Emmy is using scissors now so I am finding small bit of paper all over the floors.

More inside time seems to equate finding the cushions more often off the couch and chair than on.

My challenge is to get us outside each day no matter the weather, staying out longer than just long enough to do the animal chores.  I am also working on coming up with some productive inside work we can do to keep our hands busy during these dark days.  So much of this does seem to happen on its own, but sometimes a little encouragement can help to inspire.


  1. I love the pretty wood on your walls! Did you guys do that?
    My challenge has been coming up with inside activities too- I would love to hear any ideas you come up with!

  2. I was thinking the same thing....challenge myself to be in the garden everyday.

  3. There has been a definite switch to tea here too! Our weather has been pretty nice, but still, I find myself gravitating indoors.