Tuesday, October 8, 2013


After reading this and then reading some essays from  The Bill McKibben Reader, that I found at a church rummage sale recently, I have been thinking more about why our family makes the choices we do.  
In Bill McKibben's essay, Consuming Nature, he points out that humans consider themselves to be the center of the universe and that consumerism is mostly about filling the "it's all about me" desire with very little thought about the consequences.

But on the flip side he brings up the point that those of us that have chosen to live more on the outside of this societal norm may also be filling ourselves with a similar kind of "this makes me feel good about myself".   You know like - "You wouldn't believe what it was like doing the morning chores in negative 30 degree weather" or "We had a home grown meal tonight - quiche with eggs from the chickens and veggies from the garden."

 Bill McKibben concludes, though, that living the latter is, of course, better for our planet.

I think, though, that there is something much deeper about choosing less and being more connected to our food, our heat source in the winter, and to each other (our family).    I find an inner peace living this lifestyle and will keep fighting off the never ending temptations of more.


  1. i think it can often come across as bragging but it you do it for the right reasons, have a heart filled with peace, it is for the right reasons and not bragging rights ;-)

  2. Dear Tonya, I so appreciate this post. I have observed a consumerism within the "simplicity lifestyle," which draws people- often spending money they either do not have or do not need to spend, all for the sake of simple living- whether it's clothing, equipment for the homestead, or homewares. It's so odd and backwards to me and so easy to get sucked into, just as any other kind of consuming is.

  3. I feel like I'm stuck in between two worlds. I have had a passion for home décor all my life. But I love nature, knitting, the simple beauties of cooking and farming and family living. I feel like I'm in conflict much of the time, but I am wanting to live more simply. I needed to hear this today. Thanks.

  4. I agree with your thinking. I believe choosing less, being more connected to our food, our heat source in winter and to each other is in keeping with the real values and and basic truths of life.

  5. Hello Sweet Mama, felt real good to read your post.
    I told the kids last night that we would be spending zero dollars on halloween. You cant spend what you don't have. - The creatvity buzz around this house today is incredible! We are making costumes. Much love, Nicole

  6. Tonight I heard a muffled meow from one of our cats out on the porch. She was bringing home her fresh kill to show me. I have even had the less is more talk with our cats lately- cat food-wise that is. They must have listened. I see them bringing home more voles, mice, & copperheads instead of snoozing in the cat dish all afternoon.